The Chalet will officially close its doors for the final time on April 10, 2016.  This was not a hasty decision, nor was it an easy one.  Over the years, we have pursued many avenues to improve our connection and involvement with Stanford alumni. However, the Alpine Chalet no longer operates within the primary mission statement of Stanford Sierra Programs and the Stanford Alumni Association.  The sale of this property at Alpine Meadows will help fund other opportunities that will do a better job of creating and maintaining the intellectual and emotional connections between Stanford University and its alumni.

A plan has been approved to sell both the building and the land.  We have spent the last two years procuring development entitlements for the property to maximize its sale value.  We do understand that worth is not solely determined monetarily and that many of you have developed strong emotional bonds with the Chalet. Unfortunately, year-round demand has not kept pace with operational costs.

A significant part of the equation is that the Chalet building itself has been functioning far beyond its intended operational lifespan.  Simply put, it was not designed to be what we have turned it into.  When originally constructed, the Chalet’s primary function was as a private ski chalet for only a handful of families. Over the course of many years and multiple renovations, we have turned the chalet into the 14-room bed and breakfast you know and love, but it’s built on the skeleton of a private residence.  The building can no longer handle the volume of guest traffic to which it has long been subjected, without major structural renovations.

We are sorry to see the end of an era and sincerely hope you understand just how difficult this decision was for all parties involved.  The friends and families that have graced us with their presence over the years, be it for a single stay or multiple visits, made the Stanford Alpine Chalet a truly unique and memorable experience that we will not soon forget.